My name is Vladimir Gospodinov – a 23-years-old Digital Concept Development BA graduate based in Denmark. I have a background in Multimedia Design and Communication and my area of expertise is mostly (but not only) in the area of design and marketing. My current interest and focus is in the filed of entrepreneurship and start-up culture. I had my own company for six months, which you can learn more about on the MyBookStore page of the website.

I am proficient with Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, as well as Corel Draw. My other skills are in the area of Copywriting, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Concept Development and User Research. I have been part of a large number of projects and I am eager to keep practicing and upgrading my skills in a real working environment. In my spare time I practice creative writing, produce content for my blog, or draft ideas for new projects.

Latest Work

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My mission is to keep challenging myself as much as possible in order to increase my skills and knowledge. I want to become a better at what I do and get involved in projects which I see as relevant and necessary.