Your Weekly Music Fix #19

It is nearly impossible to identify the genre of this week’s playlist but I am personally very happy with the discoveries I made and the music I explored. Some high-quality hip-hop storytelling is present, amazing and soothing covers, as well as an aggressive rock by the best in the field nowadays. You lose nothing by checking it out – Spotify or YouTube it’s your choice. I hope you enjoy it!

Bmike – Story Of Erica

            This short movie perfectly captures the intention of Bmike regarding the song. Story Of Erica is an extremely effective way to tell a real story and bring the attention of people towards an important subject which is sadly still an issue in our current society. And from what I managed to see Bmike always hits hard and straight to the point with his music so check the boy out. The thing Bmike has created has lots of great aspects worth paying attention to. Starting off by turning the song into a short movie which is shot perfectly well, is aesthetic as f*ck, and has high-class acting and effects. This only empowers the message sent with the amazing storytelling hip-hop which I highly appreciate and look up to. Using modern beats and fast verses Story Of Erica literally comes to life even if you are not watching the video – the level of hip-hop is superb and the execution is flawless.

Loyle Carner – Dear Jean

        Another blessed discovery thanks to a blessed person. Loyle Carner has a unique voice and approach towards music which deserved admiration and his music will most likely stick to your playlist for a while. This song is a beautiful and open confession from a son towards his mother and it reminds all of us that we should cherish the relationships we have with our parents no matter what. Simply beautiful and completely honest the song tells a personal story and fit the amazing album extremely well. Check it out!

Kina Grannis – Gangsta’s Paradise (Coolio Cover)

Kina Grannis has a voice which can make everything better if you allow her to take over your mind. She is simply an amazing artist and her perfectly synched acoustics make her covers even more soothing and enjoyable. The particular song is one of my favorite covers she has made for several reasons. The execution is simply beautiful and she has given the classic Coolio song a completely new life. The hip-hop anthem is taking a gentle and heartfelt direction which makes it sound extremely relaxing and pleasant but at the same time still has a slightly worrisome feel to it. She managed to preserve the essence of the song and the feeling it is trying to convey while adding a layer of her original emotion and feel which is simply amazing. Check out her other covers you won’t regret it, trust me!

PALAYE ROYALE – Fucking With My Head

Palaye Royale are back! Shortly after the release of Boom Boom Room Side B and their intensive tour the boys are not playing around and are working hard on new and amazing music! As expected from the Canadian rock phenomenon the song is an absolute explosion of energetic rock instrumentals, mild screams, and perfect transmission of emotion. Dealing with a very specific love/relationship situation the feelings in discussion are depicted perfectly well with the amazing instrumentals and vocals, as well as with the well-shot video. Definitely a killer start for the new era of the band which I am personally super excited about.

Nothing But Thieves – Take This Lonely Heart

Another one of the bands I have a never-ending love for – Nothing But Thieves. Conor Mason has a voice which is simply amazing and super rare to encounter – high or low notes, screams or smooth vocals, undeniable attraction – he has it. The song is part of the band’s splendid EP – What Did You Think When You Made Me This Way – a pure delight for the ears and soul. Take This Lonely Heart deals with the struggles of coming to terms with depression and the exhausting and scary journey towards self-love in a way which is extremely empowering and refreshing. Classic rock instrumentals and solos and amazing vocals make this song as powerful as possible and a must hear for sure. I hope you enjoyed some of the music I had prepared for you this week and thanks a lot to everyone who read this post. I appreciate it! More music blogs are on the way, needless to say.

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