Your Weekly Music Fix #20

Lots of genres unite for this week’s music fix including the operatic rock of Nightwish, razor-sharp hip-hop of Machin Gun Kelly‘s Hotel Diablo, hyperenergetic rock of Icon For Hire, and soothing swing/jazz of Caravan Palace. Definitely a mix of different worlds worth exploring – check out the full collection of songs on Spotify or YouTube.

Icon For Hire – Venom

Icon For Hire is back in full steam with an incredibly powerful new single. The song starts with a shattering and electrifying solo which is present during the majority of the song. It gives Venom the energy which Icon For Hire have always managed to convey and it hypes you up even before the song has started unveiling. Ariel Bloomer has always been open when it comes to topics like mental health and depression and she even wrote a book about her experience and road to recovery. Venom touches this topic and serves as a powerful metaphor of the apathy and exhaustion you feel when you are suffering from this mental state. An absolute banger the song is a great start for the new era of the band.

Machine Gun Kelly – Floor 13

The Gunner released his 4th full-length album on the 5th of July. There are many things to say about the entire album and I will surely be dropping a review sometime soon but one thing to clear out is that this album is simply great. Machine Gun Kelly gets incredibly personal and unveils things which he had kept for himself for way too long. Hotel Diablo is a mix of various types of songs and styles. Floor 13 falls into the category of badass hip-hop anthems and bold and confident statements. I love when MGK stands his ground and claims respect for his achievements. In this song, he gets quite mad and wipes the floor with “shitty wannabe rappers dissing him” – full of references to past events and records Floor 13 is an aggressive masterpiece. A sick beat and unstoppable flow make it even better and solidify the statement of the rapper that no matter whether you like him or not he has inspired a hip-hop movement for generations ahead and his contribution to the genre is undeniable. And just when you think the beef with Eminem is finally over MGK makes another hit to reject his defeat gracefully combining two clever verses into the concept of the song.
I just spent the winter livin’ after someone tried to send a kill shot, missin’ me … One legend that tried to fuck with me and got the venom
The whole album is definitely worth looking into but I will leave this for a separate post and end this paragraph by wholeheartedly recommending Glass House which shows the other side of the hip-hop tornado. Check it out.

Caravan Palace – Plume

Switching the vibe with a groovy and dancy new release by the electro-swing masters Caravan Palace. The song has the vibe of Selena Gomez blended with jazz and swing tunes into an incredibly pleasant 3-minute track. Simple yet effective vocals are united with relaxing and mesmerizing instrumentals which leave you no options but to enjoy the song and bring a little peace to your mind.

Of Monsters And Men – Little Talks

Sometimes I hear a song, I add it to the Weekly Music Fix, I start writing how amazing it is, and just think “do I really need to say anything – anyone can see this is f*cking beautiful”. This is exactly what happened with this one here. Of Monsters And Men are a blend of pure, electrifying vocals, hard-hitting lyrics, modern pop-rock instrumentals, and raw emotion and stories. Getting into the band has been a recharging experience which I am loving and appreciating with everything song I hear. Little Talks is incredibly nostalgic but beautiful – the vocals will melt your heart and the lyrics will break it. As a comment under the video says – this song hurts. It is just another proof of how powerful music can be when it comes to expressing emotions and explaining the unexplainable.

Nightwish – While Your Lips Are Still Red

Nightwish is a proven classic which somehow manages to never get old and stay classy. The song is just another example of their capabilities. While Your Lips Are Still Red unites lyrics with great metaphors and symbolism with classy rock instrumentals and incredible supporting vocals. The operatic vocals and aesthetic video just adds up to make the song complete and helps transport you to another world. It’s simply magical. Thanks a lot for reading my 20th consecutive music rambling, I hope you found something you like and stay tuned for more music posts.

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