Your Weekly Music Fix #21

Mac Miller
Happy Sunday and welcome to your weekly music spam content which I refuse to let go of. I really hope someone else apart from me is also enjoying those series but regardless I can’t seem to stop myself when it comes to sharing my sometimes obvious music discoveries. This week has been a solid one again with more releases to the already familiar Sum-41, NF, and Palaye Royale. PVRIS made a promising return as well and announced a super intimate tour in the US where they will be sharing details for their upcoming album (I am extremely excited for this one – PVRIS are one of the best band in the scene). Other things you will find in my playlist this week are another rediscovery session of the genius of Mac Miller as well as a new obsession in the face of Counterfeit, some tracks by the splendid Matt Corby and Bishop Briggs. I hope you enjoy it, you can find the Weekly Music Fix on Spotify and YouTube.

PVRIS – Death Of Me

Smashing return from the Massachusetts rock trio accompanied by a stunning video capturing their core and style to perfection. I am always amazed by this band and I have serious claims they are one of the best rock acts contemporary music has seen. Jumping into the new era PVRIS have explained they will be going back to their roots and reviving their original inspiration (this is also why they are doing a super intimate tour in the US). Watching the video and hearing the song makes this clear as well – the dark, cult-like vibe of the band is full power and the song is simply beautiful. Incredible vocals by Lynn and lyrics dealing with love and conflicting feelings written in the recognizable style of the band unite with the on-point modern rock instrumentals for a hurricane of emotion and passion. A super catchy chorus and great storytelling are some other characteristics of the masterpiece and the way the band teases their return just makes you excited. One thing I would love to point out – the sync of the knife game at 2:58 is just mesmerizing. I can’t wait to hear more from the band and possibly see them live – their shows are one of the best things you will experience!

Counterfeit – Enough

Counterfeit is another example of quality British rock. I just found out about the band this week but I easily got hooked to the blend of classic and modern rock, smooth and clear vocals and mild screams. The band reminds of early Merlilyn Manson and Of Mice and Men – they have incredible energy and obvious skills when it comes to sending clear messages with addictive songs. Jamie Campbell (voclas) has a voice which is capable of producing various tones and styles and this is admirable. Counterfeit deal with lots of topics which are worth looking into, checking out their discography is a wilde ride. The song I have chosen here is empowring and inpisrational serving as a wake up call to our sleeping and mentally supressed society. The lyrics and the way of delivery are as strong as it gets and you will feel the passion and motivation immediately. The way smooth and calm vocals grow into aggressive and angry screams is also worth noticing as well as the super addicitng chorus of “let us live, let us love, let us show you that enough is enough” – it will stay with you for a while I guarantee that. Matt Corby  – Knife Edge I occasionally come across Matt Corby songs and I am always blown away. His voice, his gestures, his execution – flawless. Knife Edge is simple yet complicated – it unites the beautiful voice of Corby with heartfelt lyrics which you know come straight out of the artist’s soul. Relatable and emotional storytelling and sweet instrumentals make this song extremely calming and relaxing yet thought-provoking. It will most likely take you back and make you remember your own experience for the topic depicted while you are smiling and tapping with your feet on the floor in the rhythm of the masterpiece.

Gert Taberner – Fallen

Now this one hits hard. It is definitely the most impactful song I heard this week (and for a long time to be honest) and it literally took my soul out and ripped it to pieces. The great vocals and simple but effective acoustic sound are one thing but the sincerity and rawness of the story being told are going to break you. Maybe it is just me and my personal experience which I associate the song with but it really did affect me deeply and I think this is just another example of how powerful music can be. Regardless, I think the song is worth listening and it is super enjoyable!

Mac Miller: The Space Migration Sessions – Objects In The Mirror

I know I have talked about Mac Miller in previous editions of the Weekly Music Fix but I am reconnecting with his art on another level and I just cannot resist sharing it. This person has the type of energy and vibe I have only seen twice in my life and it is so powerful and inspiring it is hard to explain. I am choosing this particular performance because his emotion and genius when it comes to hip-hop music are beyond visible. Mac was an incredibly down to earth person who understood the hardest parts of life painfully well but always radiated positivity and made people smile. Watching videos with him is heartwarming and listening to his songs really makes you take things nice and slow for a while. His art is deep and well-thought but he made creating music seem like a piece of cake – from what I have seen he took the process of creating music as a super easy-going and relaxing thing to do and the results speak for themselves. If I have to sum up his music I would say that those are the type of songs you play while you light up some candles on your floor and just enjoy being alive for a while.   We made it to another week of my music rambling successfully. I am always overwhelmed with the number of songs I want to share and I really hope I am not overdoing it. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this one and a huge thank you to everyone who read the whole thing. You are a legend.

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