Should I read it? Angels and Demons by Dan Brown

Angels and Demons
The past twelve consecutive posts I wrote were music related. I started this blog to write about things which interest me and I am passionate about and it seems like music is my biggest motivation lately. I really don’t mind that but whenever I encounter something else which makes me want to share things with the public I will include it in my posts. Well, a few days ago I finished a book which I started reading out of pure curiosity about the author. Dan Brown is a popular figure in the modern literary world but I never found myself reading any of his work so I decided to change that. Here is my quick review of Angels and Demons and my reasons why I think it’s worth reading – completely spoiler free of course., AnD Short story summary: Robert Langdon – a history professor and expert symbolist is summoned by CERN to help solve a petrifying mystery involving the brutal murder of one of the head scientists. What he gets himself into is an action-packed, thrilling, and completely unpredictable revival of an ancient organization which aims to destroy the Catholic church. Forever. Angels and Demons is a mystery-thriller novel. And a good one. I was expecting a lot from the book based on Dan Brown‘s reputation but I did not at all expect the level of depth, research, and storytelling I encountered. The author definitely knows how to make his work realistic and despite the high level of fiction in the book you have the feeling that the events are absolutely possible to happen. A detailed and 100% accurate description of actual places is blended in with characters developed to perfection and controversial conspiracy legends still circulating around the Internet to create an engaging and entertaining history-fiction novel. Stories about an ancient cult which many people believe still exists come to life in incredible detail explaining their origin, development, and reasons. 244908_angels_and_demons_2009_1400x2100_1

I found out there is also a movie adaption to the book. It is definitely worthy for an ecstatic Hollywood production but I haven’t yet seen it to tell if it does the book justice or not.

One thing I admire about Dan Brown’s writing is that his storytelling and development are amazing. I never felt the plot was moving too fast and details are being underlooked nor that it was moving too slow and it was packed with unnecessary information. The story progressed smoothly giving the reader just enough information to make assumptions which will eventually turn out to be completely wrong. When I say the book is a page-turner I really mean – I found myself unable to put the book down on several occasions and I couldn’t bare not knowing what comes next. And the same goes for the character development – rich personas with a background which slowly gives away their motives and explains their behavior, characters with secrets which you speculate about and again are completely wrong – the book is thrilling and extremely exciting.

So Should I read it?

Well, if my overly excited fascination didn’t give you the answer – yes, I think the book is worth the time. First of all, you won’t even notice how fast you are going through the 616 pages because you will be busy developing theories, speculating on the turn of events, and the solving of the next mystery. The book is perfect for any mystery/history/fiction lover and it has the necessary amounts of good humor and romance included to balance things out. Angles and Demons will keep you on the edge of your seat constantly and won’t let you get into anything else until you devour the last page of the action-packed adventure. In-depth research about history, architecture, ancient grudges between science and religion as well as stunning and totally unexpected plot twists will make you gasp while truning page after page. Smooth and engaging storytelling during the development of the story will make the reading experience even better and even when you are 100% sure you have figured things out you will still be somehow surprised in the end. I admire the ability of authors to play with our emotions and make us believe things which they prove to be wrong in the end – a good reminder about real life. 51HTBPXN37L

The strongest point of the book is the way it completely captures your attention and refuses to let it go until you have reached a satisfying conclusion of the mystery

Angels and Demons is the first ever Dan Brown book I read and I was very satisfied with the experience. Looking into the author’s other novels and checking in with friends who have read his work I have a feeling he might be overusing his concepts and ideas a bit. It looks like the majority of his books are dealing with similar situations and the development is almost the same but I cannot say anything for sure. What I can confirm is that Angles and Demons is a great book and it is the perfect start of getting into the work of the author. The book is also the first in the series about Robert Langdon and a perfect introduction to the mind-games and mysteries which the character will get himself into.

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