Nothing But Thieves – What Did You Think When You Made Me This Way

When You Made Me This Way
Nothing But Thieves – another humble but undeniably capable band to add to the hall of fame of British rock legends. Since their formation in 2012, the Essex breakthrough has produced two incredible albums and toured with artists from the caliber of Muse, Twenty One Pilots, and Gerard Way. On the 19th of October 2018, they released a stunning 4-track EP with the alluring title What Did You Think When You Made Me This Way. For such a short EP they managed to say and show a lot and this is what we are going to talk about today. 7067ae4ef8793c70fff8268de27ea3d9.1000x1000x1

Listen to What Did You Think When You Made Me This Way

What Did You Think When You Made Me This Way is ecstatic from start to finish. It has the spirit and soul of a true rock record and demonstrates the incredible vocal abilities of Conor Mason perfectly well – screams, clean and smooth vocals, and even operatic singing – his precision and charm are incredible. If you are familiar with the work of the band you would know about their abilities to produce the highest quality rock instrumentals as well as their interesting and thought-provoking metaphors. Listening to the self-titled album and Broken Machine you can encounter topics like love-related issues, regret and redemption, mental health issues and existential pondering. Sympathy, understanding, and comfort are an indispensable part of the experience and at least one or two of the songs will become part of your top-tracks for quite some time. The 2019 EP is not an exception and the four songs touch delicate topics and invoke various feelings in the listeners. Well-presented subjects and mellow vocals which can turn into aggressive screams – how can anyone resist?      

And holly f*ck thier album artwork is damn amazing!

With the short four tracks, Nothing But Thieves unite most of the above-mentioned topics and represents them in an incredibly vivid and strong way. The EP starts with a very illustrative depiction of a toxic relationship which you find hard to resist and keep coming back to again and again. A situation which most people eventually end up with is explained to perfection with the cleaver and interesting metaphors and an even more accurate video. Romantic relationships can be a complicated thing to navigate into and Nothing But Thieves show two dangerous sides of this with What Did You Think When You Made Me This Way. The first song elaborates on the captivating feeling of love and illustrates the struggle of resisting even when you know you are going to get hurt. Track number three on the record – You Know Me Too Well dwells into another possible side of love and lust. Similarly to the first song, You Know Me Too Well expresses the internal struggle and painful inability to end something dangerous. The song explores a situation born out of pure lust – casual sex with no romance and a clear impossibility to turn into something more. The sexual desire and its side effects are explored in depth with exquisite storytelling and represent the inability to free your soul and consciousness of a burden which is affecting your mentality in a bad way. Electrifying rock solos blended with the great vocals of Conor make both songs come to life and act out inside of your head to painful familiarity. Another thing which seems to be occupying Conor Mason‘s mind is gracefully mixed in between the two love-related songs. Gods is a super powerful hard rock song which makes references towards modern society and expresses concern about the direction we have taken. The abuse of power which is become more and more evident and the feeling of helplessness to oppose it are presented in a chilling and terrifying way which will make you think about life and even dwell into political issues. The EP gracefully concludes with a song exploring a journey towards self-love and fighting depression and mental health issues. Soothing and empowering the last track is a strong reminder about the importance of mental health and that it will forever be a topic which shouldn’t be overlooked. What Did You Think When You Made Me This Way definitely adds up to the great repertoire of Nothing But Thieves. I completely understand the decision of putting the songs into an EP instead of waiting to arrange them into an upcoming album – they are relevant and waiting to release them might have reduced their impact. Not united by a bigger concept or a common topic the songs in the EP talk about different but important things and are nevertheless united by high-quality rock sound. unnamed

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