YUNGBLUD – The Necessary Reinvention Of Rock Music

Outspoken, loud, energetic, rebellious – YUNGBLUD is a lot of things and most of all a fooking phenomenon, man! Only 21 years old the Yorkshire hurricane of punk-rock energy is using his voice to bring attention to several extremely important topics in modern society and he does it in a way which makes it impossible not to notice. This makes him one of the most relevant voices in the music world nowadays and therefore in this post, I want to talk about his art and the necessary change he is bringing in the field of rock music. 0713_YungbludSITE
If you’re not using your art to fucking say something, you’re not an artist; you’re a singer, and I don’t wanna be a singer.
I totally agree with YUNGBLUD – when we talk about music nowadays it is hardly enough to write catchy lyrics and mix it with some good beats or instrumentals. Being an artist comes with lots of responsibilities including sending the right message and empowering listeners in one way or another. This boy does that more than well.   It is impossible you haven’t noticed YUNGBLUD yet. From his iconic collabs with Halsey, Machine Gun Kelly, and Travis Barker, to the manifestations of his believes and messages literally projected on the walls on the UK Parliament (see image below).   If you follow the artist on Instagram you will often get notifications that he is cooking another “MENTAL SURPIRSE MAN, FOOKING INSANE” and the best part is he will always live up to the hype he creates. Massive events with his dedicated fans blocking main roads in England, taking place on cruise ships, or hidden locations – the guy is a personification of dedication and his love for his fans is one of a kind. The young blood is not only an artist but an entire movement uniting the “underrated youth” and their statements with his songs, videos, and public stunts. eag4cc5xsaekyzq.jpg 2000’s angsty punk vibes are well blended with contemporary electrifying rock instrumentals and raspy vocals to reinvent the sound and revive the true spirit of punk-rock. When you hear his songs you first nod in eye-opening agreement, then feel the burning energy inside and want to jump along with the energetic bloke. The essence of the artist is captured well a song from his first EP. King Charles – an energetic, loud, provocative, filled with sarcasm and irony, rebellious – a true contemporary punk-rock track. It manifested his anger and frustration with current society and political situation in the UK extremely well and was the first sign of his sharp mind. This is what characterizes YUNGLBUD – he simply does not give a f*ck who will be offended by his outspoken personality and clear accusations. Speaking without filter and saying things which simply need to be said the artist is challenging the way our society functions and thinks. And this is part of what makes the artist unique and a level higher than the everyday musician or singer. He questions EVERYTHING – the way society is functioning, the things which we consider normal, the attitude towards the new generation, and the age-old ideologies which still circulate in the modern world.

The Abonormal Normality

A great example of how mindful and awaken YUNGBLUD is becomes evident in the song Polygraph Eyes. He uses storytelling to bring an actual common occurrence to life. The eye-opening lyrics contrasting with the uplifting instrumentals and tone of the song are an example of how much of a bad direction our society has taken. The fact that getting girls blackout drunk and taking advantage of the situation is the new normality of a weekend night out and romance is totally pathetic and mind-shattering. It is strange that YUNGLBUD is one of the few people who clearly and consciously point out the phenomenon.

Another ridiculous and absolutely senseless phenomenon which we casually accept as normal is exposed in the song Machine Gun (F*ck The NRA). The topic has been discussed for years yet no changes have been made whatsoever. School shootings are now something completely expected but the worst part comes when the authorities try to dissect the core of the problem. The blame is quickly put to mental health and “there is something wrong with the kid that did it – he is a psychopath”. Circumstances, attitude towards the so-called “psychopath”, and other reasons which might have led to him/her becoming like this are of no importance. Not to mention that getting a f*cking gun in the USA is easier than buying a beer. Similar motives are noticed in other songs from 21st Century Liability like Die For The Hype where the main topic is slightly different but the ridiculous and senseless aspect of the situation is the same.

The Old vs The Rising

We’re not just young kids rebelling against the system because that sounds naive. We have outlets to so much information that we’ve become so clued open to the world.


The stubborn and arrogant refusal of society to see that times and generations are shifting is another theme often visible in the art of YUNGBLUD. Starting with Psychotic Kids and California from 21st Century Liability where the artist fiercely and ruthlessly explained that old ideologies should stay in old times. “The youth is our future” is a sentence we often hear but in reality, the youth is just told to shut up and listen, oppressed, and neglected. YUNGLUD has seen this upclose and his frustration and annoyance are visible in the aggressive tracks where he calls for more understanding and communication. Instead of shutting of young people maybe older generations can try and learn something from them instead of being close-minded pricks.

Hope For The Underrated Youth

This seems to be an issue torturing the mind of the young artist a lot since the theme is taking a central position in two of his newest releases – Parents and Hope For The Underrated Youth. The tones of the two songs shift from raw and emotional to fueled with anger and determination to establish a new order (yes, I know how this sounds but I couldn’t help it). Almost revolutionary YUNGBLUD’s music and rebellious persona are representing the change in generations and the need for breaking away from outdated mindsets and behavior.  The artist is extremely passionate about people feeling comfortable with themselves regardless of the awkwardness of weirdness they radiate. This seems to be one of his main goals as he often encourages people to feel proud of their personalities and to speak their mind freely without trying to fit into society’s outdated bubble.

Soscio-politically Aware

  The social-political tone of the punk-rock icon becomes visible in his early song Tin Pan Boy which is an extremely clever and well-structured track about the ugly side of the music industry and commercialism in general. Impressive world play and irony are used with controlled anger expressed in explosive rock instrumentals and sharp vocals to explain the point the artist is trying to make. Those motives are also visible in his later songs like I Love You Will You Marry Me, which tells the disturbing story of taking a romantic gesture which ended in a tragedy and completely commercializing it and disregarding the people involved in the act. The incident in question happened at Park Hill in Sheffield England – a graffiti with the words “Ï Love U, Will U Marry Me” appeared and easily became an attraction which resulted in overusing it as a commercial element. The fact that this love story ended with a death and a person losing his home was of no interest to the people making a profit out of the sign and no one was interested in the story of the people involved. This is the type of voice we need in our society – someone who speaks loud and clear about things which we overlook, abnormalities which we slowly accept as normal regardless of how illogical and destructive they are.

How Do We Fix Mental Issues?

I think growing up in a heavily medicated society you quickly learn how much we use drugs to distract ourselves from addressing whats going on in real life. They tell you to seek help about mental health, however when you do, all they do is prescribe medication. They make out that it’s supposed to help, but to me all it does is numb the issues and not actually face them. It tricks you into feeling that you cannot be inexcusably yourself without your “chemical happiness”
Another one of the most commonly seen topics in YUNGBLUD’s art is the way people treat mental illnesses and abuse overmedication. The motive can be observed in the majority of the songs from 21st Century Liability. Some examples include Doctor, Doctor; Medication, and Anarchistwhere the artist explicitly states that the solution to mental illness is not just stuffing people with drugs and numbing their feelings and emotions. Things take a scary twist in other songs like Kill Somebody where YUNGBLUD shows what the constant struggle with mental illnesses could lead to. The artist also makes subtle references that other kinds of drugs are also not a solution to any problem. A lot of truth in his words and a lot of things to reevaluate about the way we have started treating mental health. The best part – he serves his wisdom with incredible sound (often uplifting and contrasting the subject) and supreme vocal execution.   I cannot end the post without mentioning one of the most beautiful and well-executed collabs the artist has been part of. The alt-rock queen Halsey (YUNGBLUD’s beloved) and Travis Barker took part in this iconic song and video depicting a dramatic love story in the most touching and impactful way. A human’s mind can be a dangerous place and YUNGLUD explains it well in songs like Kill Somebody. In 11 Minutes, however, he pays attention to another difficult part we often need to go through. The video supporting the song is more of a short movie which quite illustratively tells the story of what goes inside the head of a person undergoing a hard separation with a loved one. tumblr_pjwqkxyHrQ1tx7djl_540 YUNGBLUD is not making music just for the sake of it. Looking into his interviews and statements he has made you will find out he never got a chance to speak his mind before. He was being shut off immediately due to his hyperactivity and overflowing energy and was categorized as weird and “mental”. This explains a lot when it comes to why he is so passionate about making people feel comfortable with themselves and realizing that they should be able to express their opinions no matter how many people will be against that. As he says – the stage and the studio are the only places where he can be himself without being afraid people will judge and neglect his behavior. This results in some of the best music of our age and a movemet which is about to take over the word. YUNGBLUD is a voice which we never knew we needed and his outspoken persona is bringing important topics up to discussion. If more people break away from their default way of thinking and pay attention to what he has to say maybe we will finally make some progress as a society.

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