My Start-Up Project

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MyBookStore was a start-up project which I started in July 2018. It began as a school project inspired by a real-life problem I witnessed several times.

The company was registered as a business from July 2018 until January 2019. During its development, I managed to publish two great books. I worked with two extremely inspiring people in close collaboration –  we managed to produce results that made everyone involved proud. You can see the books below.

How it all started


A close friend of mine wrote a book for her daughter. She wanted to publish it since it was dealing with the relevant issue of accepting differences and overall respect amongst young children. However, it turned out that publishing a book is an extremely exhausting and draining task. On top of that, it would leave the author with little to no profit.

I had heard the same from other friends who wrote books and sought publishing. So I decided to conduct proper research. It confirmed my hypothesis that publishing is unnecessarily complicated, and authors do not receive the credit and profit they worked so hard for. Furthermore, authors usually didn’t get the creative freedom and control over how their book would look like in the end. I still consider this ridiculous.

Here I Belong



Here I Belong is the reason the idea for MyBookStore was born. It is also the first project partially supported by the company in the late development of the marketing strategy.

Check it out.

MyBookStore was a platform aiming to provide authors with an accessible way to publish their work. An important element was that the authors would keep the majority of the profit for themselves. I also wanted to work with them in the closest way possible leaving them with control over the process. Their idea and their direction with the assistance needed for the overwhelming amount of work that goes into launching a book.

Proofreading, styling, editing, cover design, page layout, marketing – all areas hard to manage with just the author by themselves. I wanted to offer support in those aspects and leave writers with the time and energy to focus on what they do best.

The company identified itself as a hybrid publisher – giving the creative freedom to authors and assisting with areas they required help with. We charged a fixed rate of hourly work in different fields and kept only 20% of the profit from sales made with the MyBookStore platform (authors had the liberty to sell with other retailers as well). It provided a cheap solution to a huge gap in the publishing field and left authors with a satisfying result and the majority of the profit.

Pubished Books

She used to dye her hair blue cover

She Used To Dye Her Hair Blue by Anne-Marier Kroupova

A collection of poems united under the concept of the struggles and emotional journeys of a person suffering from manic depression. Divided into several “acts”, the poems are an emotional rollercoaster showcasing the talent of the author.

I worked in close collaboration with Anne-Marie and assisted her with the design, layout, proofreading, and concept development to produce the final result.

The book is the first work under the name of MyBookStore and the best possible start of our journey.

I am still grateful to Anne-Marie for giving me the chance to prove myself and being the best partner anyone can wish for.

The book is available on Amazon.

Just Remember

Just Remember by Majid Mondeh

I got my second project with another inspiring, talented author. Just Remember is a collection of short stories inspired by the life experiences of the author. They serve as powerful reminders about human capabilities and how our minds work. Going through various topics, the book gives you the advice you never thought you needed to hear.

The process was another very close collaboration, where I was mostly involved in the editing, proofreading, layout design, and concept development.

The book is available on Amazon.

What happened next?

MyBookStore was active for six months. I was the only person actively involved in its development. Eike Einamann helped develop the idea and constantly assisted the project. 

In January 2019, I had to close the company. It was impossible to support myself with just that business.

Despite that, the values of MyBookStore are very much alive. The huge gap in the publishing market is not filled in a way that makes book publishing a pleasure instead of a pain.
The concept is being developed in the background, and the activity of the company will restart as soon as possible. It is a passion project which I will never leave behind.